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The SNU Human Biomechanics Laboratory (HBL) has been dedicated to the basic research about neuronal and mechanical mechanisms of human movements and its translation and applications to clinical populations and equipment design for better performance and injury prevention. In particular, the HBL has been trying to understand central nervous system (CNS) strategies to solve kinetic and kinematics redundancy (i.e., more independent mechanical variables than mechanical, peripheral, and central constraints) in various human movements. The current research focus includes the investigation of musculoskeletal mechanisms and mathematical modeling of optimization on end-effector forces and muscle activities, as well as their applications for people with movement deficits and disorders. The HBL is equipped for neuromechanical testing and analysis for human movements such as force platforms, miniature 6-D force/torque transducers, motion capture system, electromyography sensors for motor-unit decomposition (dEMG), electromagnetic sensors, high-speed camera, functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), etc.